Holders gain access to amazing perks!

Pandamania's perks and utilities are simply awesome! As a holder, you gain exclusive access to VIP benefits that enrich your experience within this vibrant ecosystem of fun. From unique rewards to exciting privileges, every aspect is designed to make your journey enjoyable and memorable. Join the #PandaFam today and embrace the limitless possibilities!

Panda Perks

Say hello to JiFu Travel Perks!

By becoming a #PandaMania holder you gain awesome JiFu Travel Perks!

You only need 1 of our NFTs from ANY COLLECTION for FULL access to the travel membership for FULL SAVINGS.

Head over to our official Discord channel labeled "travel-claim" to learn more.

Check out some exciting and awesome testimonials from our passionate holders below! 

Dapination. "I've already used a travel voucher once. This project is legit. My wife, son, and I stayed at a beachfront resort in South Carolina last year and I only had to pay ~$65 in fees once we got there AMAZING VALUE"!

aeSHIB29: "Thank you PandaMania! Driving back home from the beach in Florida. Thanks for making this possible! You can see a dolphin in the distance in the first picture!"

Panda Jonesy: "Hey panda fam!!! Just finished up my vacation in the Dominican Republic. Can’t believe we stayed at our all inclusive for free! All we paid for was flights and a few fun activities. It was amazing!!! Thank you so much PandaMania. What an opportunity! And… Dream_Cadet and I got engaged so it was even better!!!"


BeKindAlways: "A huge shoutout to @layneboyle and @PandaMania_NFT for the free vacation certificate! My family and I had a great time. PandaMania_NFT is one of the most generous and rewarding projects that I have ever joined. The rewards for holders are way beyond than we thought possible. Thank you so much layneboyle for making your community happy!"

Layne Boyle: "GM from Mexico!!! Espero que tengan un dia maravilloso!!! We are thrilled to be enjoying our @JIFUlife savings on our family vacation! Join the PANDA FAM!"

Panda Perks

Bemodo Achieving Greatness Together!

Bemodo is a platform that provides entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors with the systems, infrastructure, tools, and technology they need to focus entirely on the needs of their clients and customers, scale their businesses quickly, and take control of their lives.

Panda Perks

You will have lifetime access to a FREE E-Commerce store as a holder of even just 1 NFT with us to make commissions and sales of every day items through Bemodo...or even put up some PandaMania and other NFT stuff for sale!

Ready to own your own store?! Own your own mall?! Make some money?!

We will make it possible for you as a holder of @PandaMania_NFT

 We give you opportunities to make money in and OUTSIDE of #web3.

@bemodoco will allow us to take crypto payments too!

There are 3 UPGRADE OPTIONS for you to get more involved!

1. LIFESTYLE CUSTOMER: discounts on products, no shipping, etc to SHOP SHOP SHOP and SAVE SAVE SAVE - $30/month
2. ADVANCED STORE OWNER: MORE COMMISSION % from sales, free shipping, etc - $1,000/year (for us - $900)
3. MALL OWNER: Sign up Store owners underneath you and make commissions, etc - $5,000/year (for us - $4,500)

More info can be found in our official Discord channel labeled "bemodo-claim"

or by downloading the PDF file located to the right.

Health & Fitness Utility IS HERE!

Pandamania NFT holders, get ready for incredible health and fitness perks! Unlock access to top-notch coaches, empowering books, and cutting-edge apps to support your wellness journey. Fuel your body with essential nutrients and discover personalized workouts to stay fit and strong. Let Pandamania be your partner in achieving your life goals, fostering a positive mindset, and embracing a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

As a PandaMania holder, you will be getting a discount off one of the programs that you choose month to month depending on your role/s in our Discord server.

Head over to our official Discord channel labeled "health-claim" for more info.

Panda Perks

We want to be healthy and active, so that we are all around and enjoying life for as long as possible! It's important to me that we are an active and healthy community

As of right now, we have 7 AMAZING ⁠coaches that you can get to know more about in our Discord channel labeled "Coaches" or below.

Meet some of the Coaches!


Chris Kent


Chris Camozzi


Katie Chung Hua


Steve Cook


Whitney Johns


Kris Gethin

Panda Perks

Diamond Hand Rewards!

Welcome to DIAMOND HAND REWARDS! Earn awesome monthly rewards and have a fun, exciting time just by holding our exclusive NFTs!

With Diamond Hand Rewards, you'll be earning KRU coins for your loyalty and support. Join us on this thrilling adventure!

A highly scalable, fast, secure blockchain built specifically for the unique needs of retail.

Kingaru is the most robust platform needed to maximize your payment solutions and customer retention, while saving time and money.

Hover over or click the boxes below to flip!

Step 1


Hold any of our NFTS from any of our collections in your wallet. Do not sell said NFT/S for 30 days.

Please make sure you have done "#verify-nfts" channel process in our Discord.

Step 2

Add Kingaru MainNet to Metamask

Please add KRU coin to your metamask by adding the following information:


Network name: Kingaru MainNet

New RPC URL: https://chain.kingaru.com:8545/

Chain ID: 5438

Currency symbol: KRU

Block explorer URL: https://scan.kingaru.com/

Step 3

Earn KRUcoin every 30 days!

Sit back and watch the KRUcoin accumulate in your Metamask wallet!

We offer super access to Bemodo's powerful AI tools!

Discover the true potential of your digital presence with Bemodos AI Tools—a powerful suite designed to elevate your online content across various platforms. Whether you're managing blogs, webpages, shops, articles, social media, or more, their advanced AI solutions empower you to create, curate, and optimize content effortlessly.

Revolutionize your approach to content creation! Bemodo's AI tools seamlessly analyze trends, understand user preferences, and provide tailored suggestions to enhance the impact of your online assets. From crafting engaging blog posts to optimizing product pages for your online shop, Bemodos ensures that every piece of content is not only compelling but also strategically aligned with your goals.

Stay ahead in the digital landscape by harnessing the versatility of Bemodos AI Tools—your key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in managing diverse content across the ever-evolving online ecosystem.


Learn more in our Discord server!